Security and Data Sciences (SNDS)
Technologies and Researches

Security and Data Sciences (SNDS)

Security & Data Sciences (SNDS) Division drives its R&D and innovation through four core competence groups.  SNDS team acts as a prolific platform for talented practitioners committed to boosting Hong Kong’s credentials in authentication, cybersecurity, data analytics, multimedia technology and other FinTech solutions including Blockchain.  It is made up of some of the brightest security, data sciences, and multimedia professionals in the region. Research results from these groups will provide a comprehensive protection of modern IT systems containing large volume of textual and multimedia data.

ASTRI Security Lab

The ASTRI Security Lab (ASL) team developed cybersecurity information sharing platform and cloud security platform with advanced encryption technologies. Beside platform development, ASL team also provides cyber-attacks intelligence, in-depth cyber-threat assessment, and third party opinion and review to the industry.

Applied Cryptosystems

Applied Cryptosystems (ACS) explores state-of-the-art security applications through cross domain R&D. The ACS team is composed of experts in building software and hardware cryptosystems in relation to domains such as AI, data analytics and multimedia technology.

Cyber-security and Analytics

Cyber threat hunting and analysis are largely done manually by well-trained security professionals such as those in ASL. However, nowadays, security professionals are being overwhelmed by the proliferation of the amount and sophistication of cyber-attacks. In light of this, the CyberSecurity and Analytics (CSA) team focuses to help by applying Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning in the field of cybersecurity. CSA and ASL brings man and machine together in combating cyber threats.

Data Analytics

We build and optimise big data analytics platforms – striving to support various industries with both generic and domain-specific data analytics technologies. We offer practical and effective support to enterprises catering to their market needs especially in the areas of FinTech and manufacturing intelligence.

Multimedia Systems and Analytics

MSA’s team core competence lies in multimedia system development and unstructured data analytics. With dedicated resources on hardware, firmware, software, and algorithm, we provide high quality one-stop R&D service to broad customer base from various applications. Current technology focus includes medical imaging and computer-aided diagnosis, virtual and augmented reality, intelligent character recognition, behavior and biometrics authentication, and video analytics.

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