Intelligent Sensing Technology System (ISTS)
Technologies and Researches

Intelligent Sensing Technology System (ISTS)

Intelligent Sensing Technology System (ISTS) Technology Division has three core competence groups specialized in developing and commercializing market-driven solutions: (i) Intelligent Machine Vision (IMV), (ii) Emerging Sensing & Display System (ESDS) and Sensing Devices & Integration (SDI). We have accumulated over 200 granted invention patents, made 160 technology transfers to the industry, and accomplished 4 spin-offs and 3 start-ups. In recent years, ISTS also stepped into new areas, e.g. deep learning-based defects classification technology for intelligent manufacturing, palm fusion biometric sensing technology for security control, and mini-spectroscopy technology for smart living.

Intelligent Machine Vision (IMV)

Automatic optical inspection (AOI)

Intelligent industry robot vision & cognition for next generation factory flexible manufacturing

Medical & healthcare image sensing

Emerging Sensing & Display System (ESDS)

Diffractive & Holographic Optics for display and sensing

Human Centric Sensing Fusion for biometrics and human machine interaction (HMI)

Next generation mixed reality (MR) Display

Sensing Devices & Integration (SDI)

Sensing devices and modules integration for environment sensing

Hyperspectral imaging for industrial inspections

Smartphone based spectrometer

Project Highlights