Intelligent Software & Systems (ISNS)
Technologies and Researches

Intelligent Software & Systems (ISNS)

Intelligent Software & Systems (ISNS) Technology Division strives to create and expand Hong Kong’s core R&D competence and focuses on technology areas including multimedia processing, mobile computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence. Over the past ten years, ISNS has closely followed the industry technology trends and provided innovative end-to-end hardware and software solutions to meet customers’ business needs. ISNS has acquired relevant domain knowledge and developed relevant systems and applications, covering marketing, retailing, ecommerce, infotainment, surveillance, healthcare, smart city and many more. Currently, we have the following three core competence groups:

Intelligent Cognitive Systems

Specialises in developing machine learning and user experience technologies, and scalable solutions for smart systems.

Cloud Computing

Through system development, contract services, and consulting services, we develop high performance large scale distributed computational cloud platforms supporting applications spanning from media broadcast, digital rights management, to Internet finance and financial trading applications.

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