Communications Technologies (CT)
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Communications Technologies (CT)

The Communications Technologies (CT) Division strives to research, develop and commercialise leading-edge Information and Communications Technology (ICT) applications, services and solutions for the industry and the community. The Division works closely with HKSAR Government agencies, industries, universities, and R&D institutions to deliver market-driven and commercial-quality solutions. Its Next Generation Network solutions play a crucial role in the overall Smart City development of Hong Kong.

The Division’s R&D efforts are structured through its Core Competence Groups (CCGs) that focus on developing open broadband wireless network and applications, pre-5G and 5G small-cell infrastructure and solutions and, in the longer term, Next Generation Network (NGN) solutions with new technology infrastructure and platform for wider applications.

CT has the following four core competence groups, and together we offer the end-to-end systemsolutions.


Networking Software

Large-scale and real-time software for Telecom Networks, Network Management, and Network Virtualisation

Baseband Solutions

Communications Systems, Baseband Algorithms and L1-L3 Embedded Software/DSP Reference Design on SoC Platforms

Emerging Systems

5G technologies, Software-defined radio, High-efficiency RF, Dynamic Spectrum Utilisation and Broadband Wireless Innovation Platform

Mobile & IoT Platforms

Specialises in developing enabling technologies and total system solutions to realise the potential of mobile applications and Internet of Things (IoT).

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