Intelligent Manufacturing
Technologies and Researches

Intelligent Manufacturing

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Intelligent Manufacturing 

Intelligent Manufacturing is the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in manufacturing. It refers to the use of production process technology that can automatically adapt to changing environments and varying process requirements, with the capability of manufacturing various products with minimal supervision and assistance from operators.


[icon-grid img=”” uri=”/technologies/technology-divisions/communications-technologies/baseband-solutions/” title=”Vision” caption=”To join hands with Guangdong in developing Intelligent Manufacturing technologies and to upgrade Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry”][/icon-grid]

[icon-grid img=”” uri=”/technologies/technology-divisions/communications-technologies/emerging-systems/” title=”Mission” caption=”To promote the development of information-based industries;  To transform Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region to a base for intelligent manufacturing; To enhance the productivity and efficiency of local manufacturing industries”][/icon-grid]

[icon-grid img=”” uri=”/technologies/technology-divisions/communications-technologies/emerging-systems/” title=”Strategies” caption=”To encourage local research on information technologies; To foster cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutes and enterprises; To share our technologies with domestic and foreign research institutes and enterprises through technology platforms or agreements”][/icon-grid]


Core Technologies and Competences

Virtual Prototyping

An integrated system for all devices and computing networks to support simulations from specification to prototype.


Highly complex computing industry

Integrated Power Module

From design, materials, processes to development and trial mass production of module packaging.


Power and board industry

Robot Vision

Random bin picking, 3-D defect detection, 3-D solder paste inspection, and automatic optical inspection.


 All types of production lines

Healthcare Module Validation

From laboratory samples to improved production validation.


Healthcare industry

Industrial Big Data Analytics

Data mining and analytics to predict the need of equipment maintenance.


All types of production lines



19 Granted

21 Pending

A platform for development of  Intelligent  Manufacturing

To introduce and show the latest and best technologies from China and around the world so as to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing industry.

To build an open source, open interfaces platform as the basis for research institutions, SMEs and start-up companies to develop new applications and share the results.