ICT- Intelligence, Connectivity and Trust
Technologies and Researches

ICT- Intelligence, Connectivity and Trust

“Intelligence” (I), “Connectivity” (C) and “Trust” (T) will guide and shape our R&D initiatives:

(1) Intelligence, involving AI, Robotics and Big Data technologies,

(2) Connectivity, involving 5G and other Next Generation Network technologies, and

(3) Trust, involving Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Authentication technologies.  


ICT: Intelligence, Connectivity and Trust

ICT Area
Intelligence AI, Robotics and Big Data
Connectivity 5G and other next-gen communication technologies
Trust Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Authentication


As IC is an essential component for numerous applications across sectors, it significantly impacts the competitiveness of applied research and the commercialisation prospects. Recognising the importance of IC related research, ASTRI will build up the capabilities in IC design through its CNERC mandate, encompassing all ICT areas.