The Technology Committee

The Technology Committee

The Technology Committee established by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (“ASTRI”) oversees the research initiatives of ASTRI. Its main functions include:

  1. To advise the Board on the overall strategy of ASTRI’s research programme
  2. To advise the Board on the research projects to be undertaken by ASTRI
  3. To monitor the implementation of ASTRI’s research projects
  4. To evaluate the effectiveness of ASTRI’s research projects
  5. To handle any other matter relating to ASTRI’s research programme
  6. To assist the Board in overseeing ASTRI’s commercialisation of technologies.

Members of the Technology Committee:

  • Mr Stephen Ho Wai-chung (Chairman)
  • Ms Rebecca Pun Ting-ting, JP
  • Ms Cally Chan Shan-shan
  • Mr Duncan Chiu
  • Mr Steve Chuang Tzu-hsiung
  • Mr Ha Yung-kuen, BBS
  • Ir Dr Alan Lam Hiu-fung
  • Prof Lam Tak-wah
  • Ir Sunny Lee Wai-kwong, JP
  • Dr Davy Lo Kwok-wai
  • Mr. Peter Ng Hon-yu
  • Ir. Prof. Joseph Ng Kee-yin
  • Mr Andy Liu An-ting